Mikhail Vassily Tal….

Who will finally catch you?

Season 1 episode 9 and you are still slipping right through the hands and shackles and traps of Will Keaton, the FBI Supervising Special Agent and his team…. Daniel Zain, Kate Ryan, Jason Bragg (most likely, you remember him from the very dope show, ) and finally, Jackie Pettigrew

Set off in Washington D.C Union Square, you get to see the beginning of 3 murders of a special taskforce set up at the Edgar J Hoover building to track Tal’s finances and activity.

These 3 people have their identities exposed out in the open to Tal by Erica Shepherd, the former Deputy Director of Operations at the CIA, as a result of Tal grabbing her daughter Hanna from the park nearby her school.

And so, the fun and nail-biting begins….with every capture of Tal’s agent or people comes desperation and some few clues

Of course, this whole game of cat and mouse chase is being heavily supported by Shepherd herself, the person that set events in motion.

Tracking of Tal’s people takes the entire crew on adventures all over the state and country and the world

Over watch and cyber being of course, Kate….the one person that has loved Will and still does. (You would be a fool not to notice it)

Daniel taking on the interrogation….I love his style….soft, simple, operates within the boundaries of basic human rights and decency and always gets results

Jason is more of the tactical general duties guy….fits anywhere anytime

Jackie is pulled from the FBI Academy as a master trainer into more of general duties just like Jason!

Careful, Shepherd has so many cards up her sleeve, all the time….she sees everything and handle her well, you will get what you want from her!

I have a ggooodddd feeling this show is going to be a super-hit….it reminds me so much of how The Blacklist started out. Guess what, it started out on NBC as well….

Ken Woodruff, this and Gotham are some of the best works I have watched of yours! Love it absolutely and hope NBC will grant us as many seasons as possible.