The Pillow – One of the World’s Deadliest Traps!

Forget the punji sticks or the grenade traps or the cartridge traps or snake pits or tiger traps or those pressure release traps or those bamboo whips that google talks about!


Photo credit: Deadliest Warrior Wiki – Fandom


We are going to talk about “the pillow” – one of the world’s deadliest traps!


Photo credit: Mattress Clarity


You must be wondering now

How deadly a pillow can be, as a trap!

Especially, if you are the kind of person that does not rely on one or hates them.


Personally, I have a habit…a very unhealthy one, at that

Of telling myself that I am off to bed…to sleep and once I am there, in my bed, I keep swiping at my phone.

Meanwhile, my body is sending me all these signals of a body that needs to rest….the half-open eyes, blurred vision, yawning…


Just like last night,

I almost slept off before I could turn off my phone

My head was on the pillow!

This very soft cotton-filled pillow of mine is my trap….once I am in my bed.


I assured myself, like I usually do, that I won’t easily sleep off

Before I could even fully open up my tiny eyes (now in panic and disbelief), I believe I had slept off for about 2 whole minutes!

Do you see why I say that the pillow is one of the world’s deadliest traps ever made?


Let me tell you about what my pillow makes me feel.

First of all, I only use one pillow at a time….I don’t like having an army of them near me…I feel like I am suffocating in them.

Secondly, whenever I lay my head on that pillow of mine, I ensure it has been dressed properly in a pillow case…with the case well ironed!

It must be the smoothness of that pillow case material on my neck that caresses me and traps me in it’s bosom! (hihi)


This trap does not care about your age

Or the amount of money you got on you

Or how you look like

It does not even care what you think of it

It simply does the one job it is meant to do…provide extreme comfort to you to the point that you cannot easily get away from it!


~ I wonder…what is your experience like, with your pillow? ~

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