The thought of quitting has run in your mind for a while now
I mean, months now…years even!!!
But the spirit that has to bar you from using again, seems to be sleeping
At least, this is what you keep telling yourself, right?

Photo credit: Alcoholics Anonymous

Last year, you swore to yourself that by the first day of January
You shall have quit… (hhhhmmmmmmmmmm)
But we are heading into May and the cravings haven’t stopped as equally as their reinforcements!!!

Here’s some good news, though
And it’s more of a small push to you that’s struggling with this
It’s not late to see through your intentions and plans of living a clean and sober life.

You need to first of all, accept that you have a problem
Then, make a commitment to yourself, most especially, that you will emerge victor over your addiction
The power lies within your hands to make it all happen.
Take your journey, a step at a time
It won’t be easy or difficult at all.

Photo credit: Organic Facts

If you feel you need external assistance in this fight, please do ask for it.
And in case, you’re derailed, for a day, with use of the drug, its still okay.
Don’t lose hope or curse yourself
I’ll be right here to hold your hand to see you through

I’ll be glad to see you one day exclaiming that , “2017 is the year I quit”….

Photo credit: DOT Uganda