For a while now,

Kenyans have called unto their government to drop the Finance Bill they were trying to push unto them, amidst all their calls to reject it.

Surely as night follows day, governments move very slowly wen it comes to listening to their citizens.



This prompted them to take on the streets day before yesterday in Nairobi!

Just like it was in January this year, Kenyans were there in huge numbers.



This protest was also unique in its way as many people said nobody was paid to protest.

Everyone was there on their own accord; from teachers, Mama Mbogas’, boda boda riders, lawyers, entertainers, the elderly, the very young etc!

Of course, the government chose the way of high-handedness, but their bosses stayed cool and kept on protesting and chose to reject this whole Bill!



Now that Nairobi set the pace,

We look forward to what the protests in Mombasa and Kisumu will bring forward.


Photo credit: Twitter


Look here; I’ve attached a good number of photos from the protests in Nairobi and Mombasa to see.

May that very harmful Finance Bill be rejected and thrown out by everybody!


Note: All these photos in here and more can be downloaded from these two Google Drive links.