Hey sleeping you,

Wake up!!!

Are you even conscious?

You’ve got a visitor…. “Unconscious Bias”!

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Do you know anybody by that name?

Have you heard of that name before?

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I have heard of the word “bias” way more than I have heard of “unconscious”!

Wait, am I biased already?

Aren’t you the biased one now?

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Unconscious Bias says that you must be in an unfair favour of one thing over another to become biased unconsciously.

Do you agree?

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Furthermore, Unconscious Bias says that you just have to learn to be them and you’ll see life in a much different perspective.

Don’t you agree?

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Now, they are saying that there are numerous versions of Unconscious Bias

That we most likely know of, have witnessed, have been part of and have perpetrated!

Many times, we get biased this way without really knowing fully, what we are doing!

Do you agree with that?

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Unconscious Bias asks us why we tend to do this, so much of the time

Is it that we like some people who are just like us?

Could it be that we like people of particular ages than of some ages?

Could it be that you see some people better than others simply because of their body parts?

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Could it be that you like particular people more because they are more beautiful than others?

Could it be that your mind has the answers figured out, even without you asking the questions you are supposed to be asking?

Could it be that you just like things sticking to one particular standard?

Could it be that you simply love comparing and contrasting one item over another?

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Could it be that you put a particular item on such a high pedestal?

Could it be that you have a particular liking for certain names and backgrounds of people?

Or could it be that you just don’t like particular sizes of things?

Unconscious Bias…

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Why are you, this biased?

Why? Why? Why?

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Can you promise to consciously unlearn this way of seeing life?

We need a better you….

Not the “you” that will give me less than half of themselves, when I truly need you!