Untold stories exist for many reasons

With the simplest being they just weren’t told.

But what if that weren’t necessarily true, huh?

Untold stories can be stories from the past

Stories of the past

Stories of what happened, way back in the day

What if somebody deliberately hid

These stories from you and I, on purpose

Trying to hide something that is in, these untold stories?

Bonfire with sparks flying around


What if there is a truth in these untold stories that was kept away from you?

By a truth, I mean, a very inconvenient truth, at that?

That you would probably regret knowing, when you heard of them?

Actually, that makes me wonder…. what else don’t I know?

That wasn’t told to me?

It must be quite a lot, come to think of it now!

Photo credit: Twitter


Would you want to be told these untold stories?

Is there something specific in these stories that you would prefer left out in their narration?

Would you want to hear everything of these stories?

I hope you find some meaning in these stories that remained untold for such a long time!

I hope you find some answers to the numerous questions you have had, for such a long time!

I hope you get some closure or some form of consolation, from hearing these untold stories!