In the chain of command of war,

There is a very small group of people, usually one after another.

One passes on instructions to another, and they do that, to the person next to them in the hierarchy till the foot soldiers on the ground.

Before you know it, a war has fully started!


Photo credit: United Nations Mission in South Sudan


When you look closely at the number of foot soldiers fighting in the war,

There are so few.

The weapons they fire, though kill, and destroy so many lives!


Photo credit: War on the Rocks


Look at the bombs dropped down by fighter jets or drones.

The military tanks do so much damage,


Photo credit: Drone Wars UK


with one projectile fired off from their guns!

Sadly, for us all these projectiles don’t give us options on how much they will hurt us or destroy our lives!


Photo credit: TED Ideas


Once you are hit by that projectile,

We will lose something, no matter how small or big!

Ask yourself, “what price am I willing to pay for this loss?”


Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria


“War is fought by a few and we all lose” out in the end!