What is normal?
What makes normal?
Who made normal?
Are you normal?
Am I normal?
What even is normal?
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Have you seen normal anywhere?
When did you last see normal?
Where did you last see normal?
Is normal a person, with flesh and blood?
What even is normal?
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Is normal a beast?
Caged up somewhere, away from the rest of us, to play with?
Is normal that dangerous?
I’d love to meet normal one day
What do you say?
What even is normal?
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Does normal dress up in a certain way?
Does normal speak in a certain way that I don’t know about?
Does normal love a certain way?
Does normal have very unique friends from mine?
Does normal go to a certain school to prepare for all this?
I ask…. what even is normal?
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Does normal play some games only?
Does normal love God?
Does normal get to speak up freely in public?
Does normal get to be sane when society says so?
Does normal have to have a bank account of their own to be “somebody”?
What even is normal?
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Is normal leaving your home of birth, at the flinch of an emotion of growing up?
Is normal having a life outside school or home?
Is normal having a life on Facebook, as well?
Is normal listening to a particular genre of music?
Does normal have to play with certain toys only?
What even is normal?
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Does normal have it’s own colour?
Is normal having your hair looking a particular way?
Is normal being married by now?
Is normal showing me one thing and doing another, when I ain’t around?
Or it’s own pattern it follows when shading the world?
Does normal make the rules for everyone?
And everything else too?
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What even is normal?