A micro-second, a second, a minute and an hour
Are all measurements that size up time and help us, keep it in check?
The world operates, thinks, eats, sleeps, walks, drives, breathes on them

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Much as we all may have different time zones, an hour remains the same…60 round trips within the circle of the clock
1,440 trips of those round trips make up a whole day
And so many more, make a week, fortnight, month, six months and a year, utmost.

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Have you ever sat down to quantify how much you lose, when you don’t value and respect time, enough?
Respect for time includes observing it, and taking the appropriate action needed or called for, in that particular time
And adequately allocating sizeable amounts of it, for every action of the day you intend to do

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Is time, another meal you can do without, therefore?
That it doesn’t need so much emphasis on your life
Or, you have lived your entire life, disrespecting time and therefore, you’re very ready and willing to maintain the status-quo

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Is time, gold, to you?
Is it bronze?
Or silver?
Or diamonds and gold?

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