When you look around in our land, do you notice something odd that’s happening which wasn’t there, necessarily, in the past generations?
Or does everything look the same for you?

Am I wrong somewhere?

father and daughter silhouette
Photo credit: Mark DeJesus

Our land is having a fatherless-generation, if I may call it that
And yet our culture is “masculine-like” with all the expectations it carries with it
The boys are expected to grow up in the value-line of their fathers and great grand ancestors
How then, do we expect them to live fulfilling lives, when many of them have gaps in them, dating back to their days of childhood?

Photo credit: gbtimes.com

Please dearest papas of ours, step out of those bars and drinking joints
Move away from your offices of work when working hours are done
Keep your penises in check to avoid repeating the same mistake over and over again
Desist so much from spending days in the cinema and football halls
And come home to us

Photo credit: Youth Connect

We are your number one priority…at least, that’s how it ought to be, right?
You have lived longer in this world to know what’s required of us to live in it well
We need your guidance, love, positively-influencing encouragement and empowerment to be able to change the current status-quo in society about being irresponsible and trash-like.