I finally downloaded Alborosie’s new album called “For The Culture

There’s a track, in there, that I fell in love with immediately!

It’s called “Where Do You Go” that he did with Big Mountain.

Remember the very famous reggae song called “Caribbean Blue”? (Well, that was Big Mountain for you.)


Photo credit: Reggaeville


As I write this, I have listened to this song more times than I have counted

And there’s something so sweet about it.

You don’t believe me? I want you to watch its video visualizer on YouTube!


I have thought about its lyrics and title so much

And realised, taking refuge somewhere when everything is going bad, is so important.

It is something I do not often think about, I must admit

However, hearing it on a record like this, has me rocking away slowly to this reality of life that we live in!


Ask yourself the same question….

Where Do You Go….?