The very unpredictable rains
The storms
The extremely hot mornings and afternoons
The very cold nights

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We don’t have food anymore literally
Our bodies are changing so much as well
We are no longer menstruating as “well” as we used to

Our thinking has greatly emaciated
All the forests and shrubs are practically gone
Where did we go wrong?

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The rivers and lakes are drying up faster than our eyes can keep track
We are filling up the swamps and marshes with soils for our mansions to sit on
The vegetation is all drying up so fast
We’ve now resorted to “genetic foods”

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Going to bed is half the struggle
Grabbing sleep is what we’ve resorted to, world over
We have to cover up so much during the cold so that frost-bite doesn’t grab at us

The authorities are pondering around for a good answer to give us
Since we have done to our “level best”, haven’t we?