Do you remember the “Tunisia Revolution” of 2010?

So many young people all over Africa and the world documented and circulated what went on.

Among them, the most prominent ones were a very young lady named, “Aya Chebbi”.


Photo credit: Al Jazeera


Chebbi co-founded with her feminist friends and bloggers, Konda Delphine from Cameroon and Rose Wachuka from Kenya, the Voice of Women initiative (VOW-I), a feminist collective that empowers women through advocacy and access to the digital space according to Wikipedia.

VOW-I trains correspondents in various cities around the world to document the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things. The platform published about 200 stories, trained 35 correspondents and successfully implemented field projects on health, peace and the safety of women.


Photo credit: African Union


Among the best articles she has written and I’ve laid my eyes on is this one published at the Daily Maverick.

Do you remember the time I asked if it is possible for us to dream differently? I picked my inspiration to write that, from this article!

Also, are you among those people like “AC” here, who want to see the United Nations work better and more with civil society all over the world?


Photo credit: New African Magazine


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started,

Chebbi has been serving as a member of the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR), an independent group examining how the World Health Organization (WHO) and countries handled the COVID-19 pandemic, co-chaired by Helen Clark and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This panel, I believe, has done a very good job.

I got to learn more about COVID-19 and WHO’s ways through the works of this panel.


Photo credit: Visual Collaborative


You, Aya Chebbi are loved very very much by me!

Keep inspiring us everyday through your works and efforts!