If there is a woman I constantly admire, it is Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford or who many in the world call, “Stormy Daniels”.

Many life events of hers stand out for me but the one where she has taken on ex-president and current felon Donald Trump crowns it all, for me!

I mean, how many people do you know who have gone up against a president and are still breathing, to tell the tale?


Photo credit: Biography (Bio.)


As Forbes Magazine has it on their website,

“We all know, Donald Trump did not invent the “sleep with me, I’ll get you more career opportunities” trick.

The crime isn’t the sex; it’s the cover-up, but for Daniels Trumps crime was his attitude.

She highlighted the role of sexual entitlement and presumption, which has enabled men (far beyond Trump) to exploit their influence and gaslight women as temptresses and liars”.


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They (Gemma Allen) go on further to say,

“There is a moment here for us to think far beyond this case and recognize the power of shame and stigma in many facets of female injustice, where sexuality is often weaponized against women to force silence and submission.

For example, an estimated 95% of sexual assault and rape in the USA go unreported by women for fear they will not be believed or would face even graver repercussions!

We should ask ourselves what those statistics would be if all women had the confidence of Stormy Daniels?”


Photo credit: Vanity Fair


Ms. Gemma got my heart here again with this part,

“It is yet to be seen if a porn star (as is she famously referred to and called) will have rewritten the rules on women, sex, and power.

But one thing is for sure, the impact of Stormy Daniels will reverberate far beyond her headlines to date.

She has proven that champions of gender equality can arise from the unlikeliest of places, even places broadly discredited by many, including women.

She demonstrated that women in every profession deserve respect and the right to speak their truth, embodying the most critical feminist principle: a woman’s worth and right to fair and equal treatment is not defined by her profession or her past.”


Judge Juan Merchan presides over proceedings as Stormy Daniels, far right, answers questions on direct examination by assistant district attorney Susan Hoffinger in Manhattan criminal court as former President Donald Trump and defense attorney Todd Blanche look on, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in New York. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)


I love you, Stephanie.

Your courage and zeal, to stand up for yourself, others and what’s right, is truly admirable.

I see you and I believe you!