Many know this girl as “Tanya Stephens”.

I know her by the same stage name and her government-registered name “Vivienne Tanya Stephenson”, as well.

I wanna tell you a few things about her.


Photo credit: Urban Islandz


That girl Tanya who gave us “These Streets”, is the one I am talking about!

The way I love this song, from her “Rebelution” album from 2006; it’s a love I don’t share with any other production of hers!


Photo credit: DancehallMag


If you love some dancehall music,

You must surely know the “Too Hype” album she released in 1997.

There is one track so many people like; it’s called “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet”.


Photo credit: Reggae Report


Personally, I am so drawn to social justice for all and so is Tanya.

There is a track called “Still Alive” that she recorded dealing with discrimination against people with HIV.


Photo credit: Deezer


I long for the time I get to watch Tanya perform, near my location.

There is no chance I will miss out, that time.

The last time she was close by, was in 2008 and I was still very little, hidden away in school.


Photo credit: Tanya Stephens


If you want a daily dose of inspiration,

You should be on the lookout for her Instagram and Twitter.

She has never stopped urging us to be better than we were yesterday.


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If you hadn’t stopped for a moment to know who Tanya is,

Truly, “it is a pity”!

I adore her right from St. Mary to wherever she is now.

I hope you can “Handle The Ride”; it will be a long one, that I wish you take all in and enjoy!