2012 was the year I fully admitted to myself that I loved you a lot, Whitney Houston.

That’s the same year you last lived on earth.

For those who never knew you, met you or heard of you….you are a legend to me!


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I will intentionally not dive into your accomplishments; those are well documented on the internet, for everyone to see!

I will endeavour so much, to speak to your heart, girl!


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Growing up in such a time, you had so little good of your own.

Everything was fought for, including your own safety and childhood!

You worked with what you had, to give us the blessings, vibe and memories you left us with!


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I mean,

Who doesn’t remember great memories like “I look to you”, “Didn’t we almost have it all”, “Where do broken hearts go”, “I wanna dance with somebody”, “My love is your love”, huh?


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There is so much to learn from your life and how you lived it.

To begin off, I learn to follow my heart and live for myself because at the end of the day, that’s all we have in this life!

Secondly, it’s never too late to get back to the things you love the most in your life, for as long as you are still breathing!

The third reason for looking up to you, is that do everything you do, with your utmost best and with the best intentions!


Photo credit: The New York Times


I miss you, girl.

It would have been lovely to watch you Whitney Houston on stage in person, when you were still alive.

We will have to settle with YouTube, for now!