How do you define a challenge?
Comfort Zone/ Challenge Sign Concept
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Is it the kind of thing that pisses you off, when you don’t get what you want?
Is it the kind of thing that stands between you and the other side?
Is a challenge something like a huge mountain that stops you from seeing on the other end, when you are standing at this end of it?
Is a challenge a mere delay in the flow of events in your life?
What is it, really?
I honestly want to you from you, reading this…. I know you have faced a challenge or two or something that falls in this line before
There has got to be a way you put a name to it, literally!
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I’m asking you this because lately I am having a very hard time understanding what people mean when they say that they are facing a challenge
On one end, it sounds like they are not sure about the whole thing of a challenge
With others, it’s as though they are initially sure but in the long run, get to change their minds and say that they didn’t mean it that way….they panicked!
Can you fathom that?
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Those aside, have you set out to do something lately, for yourself?
It could be anything really….at home, work, with friends, school, the forces….anything!
Did you set some targets in the cross-hairs for yourself?
Have you fired off some shots at the target?
How many centre-shots have you managed to hit so far?
I mean, even the best marksman will let you in on the wind direction and speed, the specifications of their gun and bullet, the particular target at hand, any points of compromise in case anything goes south, vintage points available
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And at the end of the day, results are expected….not excuses or what we, many a time and number prefer; challenges.
Are you among those that will look yourself in the eye and scream with a beaming smile on you, that, “Yyyaaassssss, I made it”?
Or are you among those that frown down and inside with lots of unproduced reports of results achieved from the field-work?
Challenge of the Week Order of Operations
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