What is wrong with a woman leading us at prayers at the church or mosque?

Do our prayers go to hell when a woman leads us in prayer?

Shall we have less trouble in all these places where we pray from, when we get women to be preachers?


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It is something that has always bothered me a lot since childhood.

“Why is it that only men in the Catholic church are permitted to lead mass”?

Why are women not even permitted to listen and receive our confessions?


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The women and girls are left to literally handle all the other duties of ensuring the parishes are flowing smoothly.

From growing food, caring for the priests at the parish, educating their fellow women and children about the holy word among others.

Is this care work ever quantified?

How many of us even recognize this work, they do?


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In our ways of socialization,

I strongly believe these women devoted to the work of the lord are in a much better position to know who needs what assistance or who would be best to work with to develop the parish.

The priests, many times, don’t even know half of their parishioners!


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I want more women ordained.

If this doesn’t happen, a moment in time will come when Catholic women decide to start their own churches or places of worship and will make them much more inclusive to women and children!

It has been done elsewhere and believe me; it may not be a sight you would like to see!


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Women give so much (what we see, what we can see and what we are only told of) to the church and pulpit.

Consequentially, they must be at the front of the church and the pulpit!

I repeat; I want more women ordained!


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What do you think?