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Anguish 1.1

Have you ever been so desperate for something…. To happen To the point that you lose sleep or at least, You get scraps of it and when you wake up…


Van Helsing

For four years now We are fighting these beasts That is eating us and sucking our blood, too And we have learned to do all this without hesitating! These beasts…

Lifestyle, Motivation

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

First off, I congratulate you, The Stars and Stripes You honestly were ready!!!! Every single game you played starting with the very famous 13-0 hammering of Chaba Kaew! All the…


Person Of Interest

This show holds a very special place in my heart Right from the very first day, I watched its official trailer For those that remember, I was healing from my…

Wandering Mind

The Content We Don’t Consume

Now, you have used some YouTube and Twitter And Instagram and Facebook, too Right? There is that thing you must have noticed by now Where you follow quite a number…

Health, Motivation

Death Announcement

The family of we, Who were never ready Today   With very deep sorrow Announce the loss of our loved ones That occurred a few minutes back   As of…

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Condor is the first show that made me think widely about the term, “the research and development office” And what it truly meant! I mean, your job is in this…


The Strain 

Be warned….it’s a HORROR STORY! Made of vampire-like beings that have this long tongue that they use to suck out your blood!!! And they leave small tiny looking worms coming…