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Sauti Ya Sasa

“A bad beginning makes a good end”… (Unknown) So has been the case for my 2018…aaaahhhaaaaa…. What a year to remember!! Hhhmmm…hhhmmmm Everything nice has happened at this time of…


SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals

What is the Sustainable Development Goal 17? How many of those are there? What do they even do? Are they like relationship goals or bae goals?   Photo credit:…


Be grateful, live peacefully

Look around you, eyes open peeled and frosty What do you see? A lot right Or nothing at all   Photo credit:   When I look around I see…


Finer cream

Hhhhhmmmmmm….I be wondering Cream is good enough How fine does it have to be, for it to be finer?     Photo credit:   This reminds me of cocaine…

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Cramping up on my style

Do you have something that repeatedly slows down your roll or progress? That cramps up your style? Is there somebody responsible for doing this? Are you the one cramping up…

Wandering Mind

3-way cable to HDMI…what is this?

Very many years ago, I admired DStv, from a far Oh yeah….like that one person or thing that catches your eye once and you’re kinda hooked to it, forever That…