We are back.

We left off the other week, having talked about some of the few animals that I saw at the zoo.

This is part 2 of “I saw things that Saturday”!



I saw a giant “elly”.

By elly, I mean an elephant.

Well, it was not as big as the gigantic African elephant but this baby was big, too.



Look at that black and white stripped animal called a zebra!

I did not get enough seeing it graze and eat!



I loved seeing this golden-looking animal.

It looks like an antelope….I am not sure of it’s name.

Do you know it’s name?



The antelope kept in it’s place as it fed in peace.

Just look at that beauty!



Ah yes, there was the beauty of the camel.

I would like to sit on a camel for a ride or even feed it!



I saw a little spider conquer the wire mesh fence!

Nothing that looked like food was going away without it’s notice!



The cheetahs….yes yes!

I think they were taking their rest from the scorching sun that day and did not want to look at any of us.

They are very beautiful cats, I must say.



It is amazing how those two sets of animals (the giant crawling lizards and the birds) lived in harmony in that cage and we humans just cannot seem to get along with one another!



Then, there was this friend of mine who looked like a tiny dog.

I have forgotten his name but he looked very ready for my camera shot.



The wolf….

It is such a giant.

I do not know why it looks so much smaller in the movies than it really is, in real life!



Look at that parrot…

It is a classic beauty!



Enter the bird of my country, the Crested Crane!

Do you know that it is a crime to hold this bird captive or harm it in any way?



Have you ever seen the bird called the peacock?

It has a really long tail…which is beautifully coloured in white, black, green, black and blue!



Yyyyooooo….look at the size of that rhino!

It’s like me put together in 4 sizes.

Was it not dangerous for those people to feed it, at that close range?



When was the last time you saw a shoebill?

I had never seen one up-close in real life.

It is a beauty!



Then, in comes the legend, “Zakaayo”!

Zakaayo lived from 1963 to 2018!

So many people that visited the zoo in those years knew him and miss him.

Some of us only got to see him in a monument-form.



Careful…there is someone by the gate!

They are very selective on who they let in their life!



Allow me do some work, for now.

I will check on you later.

I hope you enjoy this edition of “I Saw Things That Saturday”!