In this very moment,

A woman has just been murdered!

A woman is being raped!

A woman is losing her home to very cruel in-laws!

Women Are Speaking. Were You Even Listening?


Women raise their hands as they protest against gender violence and femicide in Puebla, Mexico, February 22, 2020. REUTERS/Imelda Medina.


In this past week alone,

Did you see the news?

How many women did men murder?

How many women did women rape?

How many women lost their homes and lands to very unscrupulous people?

Women spoke up. Did you even listen to a single thing they said?


When men gathered around the town square on Tuesday,

They spoke in lengths.

What did you not hear, from what they talked about?

I bet you listened!


Photo credit: NBC News


The children came back and told us what was said that day

We were left speechless!

Not a single woman’s name was mentioned aloud for the crowd to hear!

It would have been so nice for us to speak for ourselves, you know.


Photo credit: TIME


“Hey man,

Look…it’s a girl. She is coming up on stage now.

People, it is the curvy beauty from the south. Let us see what she has for us”!

(Not surprised but disappointed)

Women are speaking. Are you even listening?


I ask you again,

Women have spoken. Have you listened to them?

Women are speaking. Are you listening to them?

Women spoke. Did you listen to them?

Women Are Speaking. Were You Even Listening?