They say that “things are supposed to go this way, at this particular point in time”.

Question that very seriously and you will find the right responses in their words that mislead.


Photo credit: Life Architekture


They say that “this is the natural order of life”.

Question that too; who made this order that they are talking about? Were you consulted in the very least, as they were making this order?


Photo credit: Talkspace


They ask, “why are you so different from your brothers and sisters”?

Question that without hesitation; who ever said that we must all move one way?


Photo credit: jeffrin turner – Medium


For the times I followed the crowd and flow,

I got myself more lost and entangled in things I had no heads and tails about.

That was when I decided to weave my own flow and go with it…. even if it meant being alone!


Photo credit: INSEAD Knowledge


What did I learn, following my own flow?

It’s so peaceful there…. comfort over everything else!

No detail skips my eye and mind. The clarity is simply top-notch!

Most of all, the things we were told to follow came from other peoples’ opinions and not proven facts.

Make your own things, facts and flow today!