Hey brain,

Why do I still “forget” those living with disability and are living differently abled in my “normal” conversations?


Photo credit: Global Voices


Hey you brain,

I am talking to you.

Why do you always think that being “temporarily abled” is a permanent condition?


Rose Ssanyu, 50, creates hand-made goods for Uganda Crafts, a home decor company dedicated to providing equal opportunities for disabled women in Kampala, Uganda.


Why do we always have to wait for guidelines from those in charge of housing and accommodation to remind us of our duty to plan and protect the rights of the disabled and differently abled?


Disability and Being Abled Differently.


Photo credit: ADA Solutions


Before I leave you with these lines to think about, I ask;

Does anybody out there ever wish to be disabled or differently abled one day?


Photo credit: NPR