As usual, I want you to define “law” and “the law

For yourself

And then, I want you to define “truth” for yourself.

For everyone understands these words and phrases their own way

We nuh want any troubles or mix-ups!


Remember this?

I bet this equation can speak a little about truth.

Lies can never be the truth…they can only be “your version of the truth”

The law is words, phrases, numbers and tenses put together

For a given land, institution, beings and occupants to abide by

It doesn’t mean that it is “right” or the “truth

It is only true that it exists!

Lastly, the law can be “adjusted” (mis)appropriately to fit the prevailing circumstances

The truth, on the other hand, cannot be adjusted to “fit the prevailing circumstances”

It stands alone and the test of time.

~ Defy. Disobey. Disrupt. ~