Oohhhh….. I really loved this Zoo

That I had never been to, in person

But always got to see on my TV screen

It wasn’t like many of those

Very many sci-fi shows that “go beyond” my little imagination

And show animals like they are some sort of “superficial living things” incapable of feeling or showing anything!

I know if it was because of Dr. Mitch Morgan.

That I grew to like lots

Or because of the way animals interacted with Abraham

Or could it be that I saw so many familiar faces in here

That kept me on my toes to see how they all mingled together

Faces like Jackson and Chloe

In fair opinion, they all turned out great!

You should check up this zoo and make a date to visit it

Or at least, some of the animals in here

Like ….

I have to warn you, though

These animals aren’t to be “pushed over” for your selfish interests

They will fight back to get back what’s theirs!

I am sure Logan or Dariela Knows what I am talking about!

They faced their wrath, some time last when they tried monkey-business on them

Or at least, that’s what the animals thought.

They do feel and think for themselves; you know?

The time I spent at this “Zoo” taught me that

We and everything that isn’t human like us, can co-exist so well

Without hustling one another or hurting each other or throwing jabs at each other and setting traps for one another

Let’s even forget what got us here in the first place, hhhmmm!

Careful not to get your life not so intertwined with that of the animals or any of them

We wouldn’t want to see something similar to what happened with Jackson’s father, Professor Robert, would we?

It wasn’t so good, in my opinion!

~ What do you think about our Zoo? ~