I have watched Strike Back from episode 1 of season 1 and never, in any one moment, have I regretted watching this thrilling show!

Yeah….the crew behind these productions and releases have done a great job, in my view

Straight outta Cinemax….which you might be most familiar with if you have seen or watched or heard of a most recently released adaptation of Bruce Lee’s life titled Warrior

That’s a story of another day….

I guess the whole thing of having a Section 20 does it all

Throughout all the seasons we have watched so far…..7 of them

And two different sets of crews, I must acknowledge

At one point, you might have heard that Strike Back was done for good but I guess, that was not the case for everyone back there at Cinemax….for 2 years now, we have been around, with a fresh set of service officers

I won’t be mentioning names here because every single character on this show means a lot to me

With all their ninja skills for combat and knowledge of guns

And respective nationalities that bring in the diversity needed to “spice it up a little”

Different missions, different recons and different targets….

Also, I love the military lingo….rendezvous point, Oscar, Charlie, mike(s), delta, alpha, watch your six, execute, moving, securing the package, have a shot, cover has been blown, 20, pack a bullet between your eyes among very many others!

Perseverance, consistency, always working with the end in plan, determination, preparation, improvisation, bravery, taking of chances while in the field, training – advanced and intermediary and most of all, working as a team….as 20

This is what has made this show one of the best ever known!

Can’t wait for Season 8…