Hhhaaaaa….our story with Juliet, who by the way, I love calling “Jjjjuuuurrrriiiieeeee” still carries on….

And so do the dates, apparently!

Our second date went so well actually, I must say; we literally have a plan to run back to The Carnival….the meat will not enjoy itself, you know!

And so today, we are updating you about Date 3 !!!


In between that time when we last had that date and this Sunday, we had talked about going to church on Sunday together

Personally, it has been like forever since I was last in church meaningfully

I loved the idea of starting our day together in the church and we agreed to do that at Watoto Church on Kampala Road.

We didn’t anticipate leaving behind a very important item, though….I’ll tell you about it later on.


It looks like the “sleeplessness” will not be going away any time soon!

Now, when I talk of sleeplessness, I am talking of literally sleeping with numerous times awake and it’s because my mind just can’t rest peacefully knowing I will be disturbing Jjjuuurrrriiiieeeeee tomorrow! (hihi)

And this has happened every time, when we have a date planned and scheduled!

Come Sunday now, the day of our Date 3 …..

As usual, we had started by 7 a.m. as has always been our tradition

We made our way to church and got there quite fast!


It’s the festive season all over the world

Watoto church did not miss the general announcement (hihi)

They were as ready as a simile, if I am to put it that way.

All the numerous photo booths set up in the Christmas theme…with all the tiny lights shining so bright and the décor….it looked so good!

Somebody here didn’t miss the general announcement, too! (hihi)

I happen to be baptized as a Catholic and used to their ways of church and communicating with the creator

So, this was a new experience for me….

The whole experience gave off a sway of being all welcoming to everybody and even the way the proceedings went there, there was more flexibility and that gave chance to have more intimate time with your creator.

That’s a good thing, right?


Oh snap, do you know nti we almost missed out or skipped out on church?

We didn’t get those hours of church service right and almost gave up on the whole experience!

It took serious bargaining and negotiating and asking the church staffers around for some clarity on those hours.

And that’s how we opted to stay.

I am glad we stayed!


Now, if you read about our second date, you do recall that the name “Golden Tulip Hotel” is mentioned in there, right.

Well, for a while now, Jjjjuuurrriiieeee strongly recommended we visit this place and I was open to the idea.



The reason we failed to do so last time, was because of the traffic jam

But this time around, “no weapon formed against us would prosper”….(hihi)

We would make it there.

Immediately after church, we went to the Golden Tulip Hotel right away

It’s a hotel I had only seen in pictures and in brief gazes from a distance as I would pass by.

I liked what I saw….beginning with the parking space of the facility….it’s well built, the ffffooooodddddd…(so good), the staffers were very kind, the views of the road either side were lovely.

My only challenge came at the swimming pool! Apparently, it’s against the rules of the facility for non-swimmers to dip their feet in the pool water!

Before that moment and the day after that, I had never swam in my whole entire life! I could only place my feet in the pool and let the water soothe my feet and soles.

So, I felt I could try the same thing here but alas….

Such a buzz-killer for me, that was!!!!


Remember that “very important” item we talked about in the first paragraph?

This is where we left it, completely unknowingly and only recognised it’s absence once we were home in Buna!


Here is where date 3 got very interesting from….

As we were having brunch, Jjjjjjuuuurrrriiieeeee and I pondered on the idea of heading to the St. Mary’s Stadium for the KCCA Football Club football match with Vipers Sports Club.

I had come ready for this battle….all clad in our jersey and mind to be there for the boys. Let’s just say I really tried my best to woo Jjjjuuurrrriiieeeeee into heading to the stadium with me and the charm worked….(hihi)

She agreed to the whole idea and immediately left the Golden Tulip for Entebbe Road.

For those who haven’t heard about this road, it has some of the most annoying traffic jams you can ever endure.

In my experience, you need to be there at least 30 minutes in advance to save yourself the long queues of being checked and guided where to watch the game from!

We got there an hour and 35 minutes early…and headed for the VIP section.

It was my first time at this stadium ever since it was launched and I loved my first time there.

And that’s where we spent the next two hours!

It was too bad that our boys didn’t win the game…we had to share the points with only a minute left for the clock to run down!


We will get you, Venoms, at the Omondi!



That “very important” item we have been hinting, all along on date 3 on, is a jacket!

This jacket belongs to Jjjuuurrriiieeeeee and is a very much loved item to her. Its so pretty, to be honest.

Nga why don’t we notice that it’s missing when we have arrived at Buna? (hahahahahahahahaaaaaa)

Luckily enough, we could actually remember where we last saw it and traced it back to the Golden Tulip!


We call them to inquire about it and they inform us it’s in their safe custody.

A crazy idea came to mind….like there and then; “why not head back to the “Gorrden Turrip” tomorrow? That way, we can enjoy another date”?

The idea was bought even before it was fully sold! (hihi)



That’s how we got to have our fourth date….just like that, out of a misplaced jacket!

Does it get any better than that?

May be….you will be the judge of that, when you get to read about our fourth date!


Ps. When you get to make some time, please listen to this podcast….