As we last left off on Date 3, we were talking about somebody’s jacket….(the “golden jacket”)

That was left unintentionally at the Golden Tulip.

We got very motivated to enjoy another date, to that “unintentional incident”…which would be “date 4” (hihi)

And it’s what we are going to talk about today.



Monday morning, as so many other people were headed to wherever they were headed and for whatever business they had to handle, Jjjuurrriiieeee and I were headed for a date; but first our appointment at the Golden Tulip!

Of course, pit-stop one being the Golden Tulip to pick up the jacket; which we did pick up…just so we don’t forget it a second time….

I joked a little about the whole thing saying we mustn’t forget our “golden jacket” or else, we would back for another date…(hihi)



Of course, while there, we just couldn’t resist taking some photos right next to the well decorated and pretty Christmas tree.

And by we, I am included, too.

I am usually the one behind the camera taking those photos but Jjjuuuurrrriiieeeee insisted she takes a few of mine.


Now, do you remember how we talked about the pool arrangements at the Golden Tulip being unsuitable for us on our third date?

We decided to head back to the one place that has been most suitable for us, in terms of everything…the Sheraton and swimming was definitely a part of the agenda today.

Little did I know that I would actually dip my entire body in the water that day, for my very first time!



We had actually had a plan of eating breakfast somewhere else and then head to the place where our very close bond started from but with the prevailing conditions of fear, distress and hysteria that are in the city, we settled for doing everything else at the Sheraton Hotel.

And as always, it was a great choice we made.

The breakfast here is always sumptuous and dope…all you need is time and money, of course, to eat as much as you can and chew as slowly as you need to!



As soon as we were done with breakfast, we headed off for our former kindergarten and nursery school, Christ the King Nursery School just to check out the place and see what’s changed since then.

Back then when we were there, we literally were learning and interacting in the basement structure of the Catholic chapel

I guess we weren’t the “giants” that we are now, then.

We could fit in those structures properly and have enough room to stretch!


The whole place changed so much now

The Catholic chapel is undergoing several layers of renovation

And what used to be our kindergarten school is now a business-housing building!


It was high time we headed back to the Sheraton, to carry on with our date 4.

It was very hot and somebody had to swim

It’s our tradition, eey….



Besides, Julie had knowledge of me being a coward of “vast” waters like those in swimming pools and encouraged me to change that…she always says that I am missing!

She carried two pairs of swimming shorts, to try my luck and see where that goes…(I see you are holding back your giggles and laughters)


I have never feared going close to a swimming pool like this day

Like…I was just about to get into this collection of water without a single clue of swimming or how to move my feet and arms in water!

What was I even doing in there?

Meanwhile, that lady-in-black (who I nicknamed “littro fish”) was having the time of her life swimming from point A to B with so much ease and majesty and all I could was stare and admire!



Point in time came when Jjjjuuurrrriiieeeee called out to me to go and change…it was time!

Time, for what exactly? Hit the water!

You should have seen somebody here taking that walk to the changing room!

I tried walking as slowly as I could so that I didn’t get there on time but my feet must have been in collaboration with Jjjjjuuurrriiieeeee. They got me there on record-time….hahahahahhahaaaaa


I changed into the pair of shorts and headed back out for the pool area.

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so scared anymore….I think it’s because Jjjjuuurrrriiiieeeee met me a few metres right outside the changing rooms

And hugged me reassuring me that everything will be fine and I may never be “fully ready” as I would want to be, before jumping into the water!

That is how I found myself taking my first walk in the shallow end of the pool!


I am not sure if it was just the scorching sun

Or if it was just the water being at room temperature.

I loved the feel of it on my skin as I toured the borders of the shallow end, clutching myself to the paved end of the water outlet, as I took my first steps.

The photos won’t even try to lie a little bit!



My teacher Jjjjuuurrrriiiieeeee was close by….just in case I get crazy and “professionalise” myself over the next 10 minutes and decide to swim past my limits! (hihi)

I love the feeling of “being suspended in water” like when you are trying to balance out your body on water



Of course, Julie was next to me to help me suspend myself better and take as many photos and videos of me “making a mess of myself”.

The in-house DJ did a marvelous job playing my favourite music, reggae!



Great job, Sheraton!

I know I have said that many times before but it’s never enough.

You made our date 4 very memorable!