What a loss this was!

I am only knowing of this now

That Punisher ….my “Punisher”

Was cancelled!!!!

The way I have been waiting for it to return

On my screen???

2 seasons ONLY, people???? 2 SEASONS????

That’s truly a shame.

Marvel’s The Punisher

So heartbreaking!

I even miss Frank Castle already.

He knows how to get this “thing” rollin’

He is the one person who will get you the justice you deserve….truly.

His family was killed


And he set it upon himself to “correct that”

Marvel’s The Punisher


Deep down, I for one, believe Frank is a good guy

He just lost his way

The moment “fog clouded his vision” of what was truly important in his life.

Marvel’s The Punisher

Just look at the kind of partnership he formed

With Lieberman, for example

Marvel’s The Punisher

To help him get justice and other people like Karen Page

Yeah!!! I see you flinching.

She is our usual “Karen Page”, they say.

Meanwhile, he does whatever he likes

But institutions like the DHS aka the Department of Homeland Security

Through it’s people like Agent Madani and Sam Stein won’t easily give him the light of day

Not forgetting, the CIA too

Yeah….they got their prints all over this one

Through their Director of Covert Operations, William Rawlins

Marvel’s The Punisher

As we move on together,

We realise that Agent Madani has come to terms with Frank about his actions

And in a way chooses to side with him

Well knowing the kind of consequences that follow such an action….both for her employers and also, from Billy Russo, Frank’s ex-best friend and companion in the Army days

These 2 can’t see eye-to-eye anymore

Not after what happened

Watch how season 1 ended for Billy, huh!


In between there,

We just might be surprised when we get to see

Billy “develop feelings” for Krista

She happens to be the one psychotherapist that is currently working with veterans but most notably, Billy.

Marvel’s The Punisher

My best time watching the show

Was when we got introduced to what I can call Frank’s “match”

In everything!!!

Please, put your eyes together for Pilgrim

This guy will stop at nothing

To get what he wants or came for

He will literally torch down an entire police station, if he has to

Guess what….

Pilgrim goes after Amy

A very young girl that grifts her way into life

For everything she wants.

She just happens to grift the “wrong stuff” and “people” today

So, she is forced between 2 stone-cold hard killers.


Ps. I have to give it up for you, Frank

Breaking your hand twice as you are shooting these scenes….with all that fake blood!!!!

Marvel’s The Punisher

That’s more than heart, right there, brother!

How did you even do that?