Let’s begin this interrogation….

  1. Have you heard of Prisoners Of War, that Israeli series?
  2. Can you make time for a good 84+ episodes of this show, so far?
  3. Can you promise not to rush Carrie Matheson as she does her work of pursuing Al-Qaeda operatives?
  4. Have you even heard of this show Homeland before?

This is one of the best shows I have watched all decade

I mean, I first watched it in my school vacation back in 2011

And severely fell in love with it….

Right from that time when Carrie, the lead-star of the show, took it upon herself to disobey direct orders

From Washington and her superiors

On going after Nicholas Brody,

A former “Prisoner Of War” of the Al Qaeda

Who she suspects of having switched sides!

The scenes switch up so fast

That you may ask yourself how Brody came through with the idea of running mate for the Vice President-ship of the United States of America!

Along the way, you will meet CIA Director Saul Berenson chasing after Javadi Majid

Who did pull a fast one on the country

By financing the bombing that took place at Langley….the CIA Headquarters!

Somewhere in there, Carrie heads a couple of stations of her own

Kabul and Islamabad, respectively

In my opinion, she totally aced those 2; save for what happened that day in the drone strike against Haissam Haqqani, the very dangerous terrorist master-planner and executioner.

Damian Lewis

A few months after all that, Carrie now quits working for the Agency and is now doing security gigs in the beginning for some rich people in Berlin, Germany!

She returns home to the States working for a foundation that provides aid for Muslims living in the United States.

That’s where her “resurrection” back with the Agency happens!

She hears of the upcoming election of America’s first Female President, Elizabeth Keane and is now working in the White House under this Administration!


President Keane isn’t a fan of being “told” what to do

And so, orders the arrest of close to 210 members of the Intelligence Community

Which sits poorly with Carrie, now a former member of that same community!

She quits that job, returns home and lives with her sister as she implores the President to release her comrades.


It’s been a gruesome 8 years “on the job”!

~ We wait for the final shake-down ~