So, I was at Century Cinemax yesterday with the intention of watching “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”.

I did watch it!



What a great watch it was; as a matter of fact, it was my first time catching any of the Bad Boys movies at the cinema!

What a cast they had in there….there were so many faces I didn’t expect to see in there most especially the gangster DJ Khaled!


Photo credit: FandonWire


(They didn’t have to murder him like that….hihi)

Lots of guns and close-combat fighting, that I love watching!


Photo credit: TheWrap


I don’t know how this franchise has been in the past, but I loved this.

Seeing the two major acts at their golden days trying to match up to their younger selves was hilarious but eye-catching, too.


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Can we get more of these guys in the future? Certainly, yes!

Will I turn up at the cinema to watch them? Certainly, yes!