(Doom Doom Doom) Heavy knock on the door!!!

ME: Who’s there?

Alfred: Alfred Pennyworth. I am here on a…

Does his way of doing things remind you of somebody?

Somebody lliikkkeeee…. Alfred Pennyworth from Gotham?

The butler to the Wayne family

Yeah….he was a great guy!

I have a strong feeling that the inspiration for this show was gotten from there

I mean, Alfred time and again, spoke of his time in the Army or what you can call the SAS

And how upon return from the battle fields,

He “crossed paths” with a very wealthy man

GOTHAM: Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue, C) and Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee, R) interview a suspect with information on Bruce and Selina’s whereabouts in the “Lovecraft” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

Who would later turn out to be his very good boss

And introduce him closely to his family and acquaintances

Like Bruce Wayne, his son and heir to his business empire

Aaahhh…let’s not get all nostalgic on Gotham and the good times we shared together, eeh!

In here, we are seeing a much younger Alfred

That has returned home from battle and service with his two friends

Wallace and Deon

To which they are trying to “get themselves back into the game” of life outside the Service

Now, you know how hard this can be….especially if you have served before and for the military families, as well

It’s one thing to tell you that you are “fighting for your country to be well and better” than it was yesterday

And it’s another, to actually get back home and see for yourself that you were lied to….”nothing has changed”….if anything, everything has just gotten worse

Alfred meets a very charming young lady, Esme

And they start off a friendship to what will be a great love story that they will share

Till death does part them….as Esme is murdered in their home!

This sends Alfred in retaliation

I mean, even if it’s you….you would walk all roads to find out who murdered the love of your life, right?

The thing is….Alfred doesn’t know that he has stumbled right into the middle of a power-play of much bigger forces in the country

With his quest for revenge

Forces that include the Royal Family, the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Leader Of Opposition, his own fathers true allegiance, Martha Kane from the CIA, the Mi6

He battles, schemes and even kills mercilessly whoever is responsible or part of this act, beware!

Alfred doesn’t care about your position or status or beliefs or state…he is coming for you!

All he does is deliver justice; his way or any other way!

Oh wait….you might have a chance for him to listen to you….if you happen to speak with his Mama

She has her way of calming her boy down

After that, you are on your own…ask ….what happened to them!

I so much wish you enjoy this political drama

It’s worth every penny of yours, I assure you!

It has so much to teach you, that you think you know but you actually don’t

And a lot for you to reflect on, as you make decisions for your own life

~ Enjoy ~