Isn’t it ironic that you keep on going back to the same thing that you detest?

Don’t you find it ironic that over 44% of white American women voted Donald Trump into the Oval Office?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (10629069ak)
United States President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable event with industry executives regarding a plan for “Opening Up America Again” in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington D.C., U.S.
President Trump Participates in an Opening Up America Again Roundtable, Washington, District of Columbia, USA – 29 Apr 2020

Isn’t it ironic that you aren’t hungry anymore, now that the bell for “getting back to work” has been sounded?

Isn’t it ironic that you listened to this song that you well know has been out on the market but it’s like you are hearing it for your very first time?


Isn’t ironic that you keep taking the wrong turn and end up making the right one?

Don’t you find it ironic that everyone else thinks you are a fool and yet, you are playing it so to catch wise?


Isn’t it ironic that we keep “thinking” that fire puts out fire?

Isn’t it ironic that we keep cutting down all the green we have around us and expect the sun and rain will be any kinder to us, in the future?

The flames of the fire burning the herb in the evening field, turning into coals and ashes with smoke

Isn’t it ironic that you see yourself as the angel, who can never do certain things?

Isn’t it ironic that every person that has been grabbed by the authorities plays the “I-am-innocent” card?


Don’t you find it ironic that we expect the marginalized and oppressed to “ration” their anger and disgust for us, who make their life impossible to live?

Isn’t it disgusting of us to think that men have got our backs, as women?

Isn’t life so ironic that when you are idle, the time keeps on dragging it’s feet?

Isn’t it ironic that no matter that how much help we offer certain people, they still don’t want to be saved?

Don’t you find it ironic that loss can be a great asset to somebody, in the right moment?

Isn’t it ironic that gain can be a great liability to somebody, in the wrong and worst moment?


Aaaahhhh…life, you always seem to have a surprise or two, around the corner!

I wonder what you have stored away for me now.