Go to sleep now!

Do not push your sleep to a few more days because your boss called you in for work….it must be really urgent!

They must pay you for it…we are definitely tired of being burned out for peanuts that cannot even buy you a strip of Amlodipine!

Taking a break is part of the work schedule!


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Besides, capitalism has tried shaming us for taking a day or week or month off to ourselves

But, no more!

By now, I guess we have learned that taking a break will not stop the capitalist from making their money, right?

We might as well just take our “leave” and breathe in as slowly as we need to!


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I want you to always remember that these people whom you are giving your weekend and time-off, just like that

Will replace you faster than you can count your own heartbeat, when that time comes! (You do know this time, abi?)

So, while they demand that you show up and work, also remind yourself and them every day to show up and rest!


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I will say it again….no amount of rest is bad!

In fact, the more your rest, the better for every one of us!

Taking a break should even be on the “school curricula” we have, all over the world!

Nobody should ever make you feel guilty for taking a break!


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If even machines do take a break, then who are you….a mere mixture of blood and bones and muscle or fat to keep working for as long as possible?

The one thing that I know the capitalists and politicians will not easily do is to change their ways and adjust the working hours and days!

We will have to force their hand….by taking a break that has been long overdue and one that is well deserved!