Capitalism is a tenterhook of patriarchy, it is said!

So, when I say that capitalism is death, wouldn’t you agree?

Because even the patriarchy we are talking about is death, itself, to so many….

Those that have gone against it and are still alive get to tell this tale best!

Not forgetting the black women and children!

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Time and again as I growing, mummy always told me that

You could never fall sick and get yourself to Mulago for a free panadol

They wouldn’t give it to you….with all these taxes that you are paying!

I didn’t know she was talking about capitalism then…

And how capitalism is death!

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It wasn’t until a few years’ after

When I first “noted” how expensive it was to get cancer treatment!

Someone close to us was suffering with it

And chemotherapy was very expensive, that’s what Mummy told me!

I am not sure if he got the kind of treatment he actually needed!

He passed on a few days later!

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It hit me more loudly, with time, how capitalism is built to be ruthless

To the poor and to whoever can’t present money in exchange for another good or money!

Capitalism chokes anyone whose position, in it’s “flow and system settings”, is to make money for the one person, at the top who takes all that money, in name of profit, away!

The ones doing the choking are so few like grains of maize aka the oppressors and the ones being choked are the majority of us aka the oppressed…so so so many!

I guess that saying that goes, “there’s a lot of space at the top” now makes a particular kind of sense, doesn’t it?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a scalable vector illustration on white background


When you look closely at capitalism, it’s a death trap

That is well crafted in nice pictures and imagery and words

To attract you into it’s net of rewarding you adequately for your hard work

I want you to look out for the people you know

Ask yourself…are they hardworking? Is their hard-work even a point of concern to you and others?

How are they doing?

Are they “adequately rewarded” for their effort at work?

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Look at what is called the “Global North” and the “Global South”, on what we’ve to call a map

What do you notice about the “north”?

Did they “work harder” than those of us in the “south”?

I leave that for you to figure out….

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Imagine working so hard and so devotedly

Only for your payment to come in and

It can’t even get you a decent loaf of bread to last you a week!

Imagine that!!!

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Recently, I wrote about having universal health care in Africa

And I mentioned it that provided we let them capitalists dictate how much we lose acquiring health care services,

We shall even offer things we wouldn’t be offering for sale or auction

As it stands now, in Uganda, many people are carrying their land titles close to them as proof of payment for their treatment against COVID19!!!

Capitalism is death, indeed, at the moment in Uganda!

Photo credit: Atukwasize ChrisOgon


Someone might want to know how to become a capitalist…and keep it that way…

That is easy….and hard, at the same time, I’m told!

Allow me speak on ways of keeping it that way, yeah….

  1. Lie a lot…you will lie through your skin pores if you have to but nobody must ever hear the actual bitter truth from you!
  2. Cheat a lot…you will most probably cheat yourself and a continent-full of people and around systems of fair taxation.
  3. Physically hurt people….by that, I mean killing, maiming, breaking some bones here and there…whoever tries to “cross” will get to “know” why you didn’t just get to where you are by just being humble and honest, yeah!

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Ps. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state!!!


“Capitalism is death”, isn’t it?