Are you familiar with the Bourne Trilogy?

Like Jason Bourne and not James Bond?


Now, this is where this superb super-duper action series called Treadstone was formed and got to be released in 2019, from

Treadstone happens to be an “operation” in the Bourne Trilogy

Made of super-human soldiers that are trained to be the “next” generation of weapons that no one on earth has seen before

But we all know how well such missions go, right?

Especially, if they are known about by more than 3 persons….

TREADSTONE — Episode 101 — Pictured: Jeremy Irvine as J. Randolph Bentley — (Photo by: Jonathan Hession/USA Network)

Word got out that the CIA had infiltrated the KGB’s network

And obtained information that the Russians were planning to do something despicable to the United States

So, they sent in their people…who among those included agents like Doug to “ensure that this never gets to happen”

Which to a greater part worked….but also, worked to their disadvantage

Because now, someone is using these same agents to kill whatever and whoever gets in their way

No one is spared…from ordinary civilians to Heads-of-state to cultural leaders to fellow agents

This ends up exposing the rot existing within the “Agency”….

Now, all that aside….can we talk about the “skills” we see here?

Doug, in particular….I mean, who is this guy?

Samantha who “brought” Bentley or should we say “Doug” into the program! Look at how all turned out for her and babe. He was a mission for her in the beginning but as time went, they grew fonder of each other and they fell IN LOVE! They defend each other with their lives, if they have to.

Now, we have Petra who actually trained Sam into being a “Russian Cicada”! Does she ever miss a beat? NEVER!!! Right from the days in Budapest, she is on-mission and until “it’s over”, she stays liquid and sharp.

So Yun is another that left me fascinated….she’s small and is easy to belittle but hey, where I come from…there is a saying that, “don’t underestimate what is folded”

She can FIGHT!

Yyyoooo….don’t even mention her name! You know her….our very famous “low-key journalist”, Tara, who turned out to be our Cicada!

Be ready for some betrayal….from the ones you trust the most, on this one!

The ones you never thought would leave you

The ones you thought and knew stayed on-mission, no matter what

Get ready to see how greed people can get

Ps. We must agree that Ellen  is sssooo at her best in such shows! Remember her here?

I can’t wait to find out what happens when ….sees “Sam” at the door of the cabin!