This is not your usual station….

Like a radio station or a TV station

It’s a covert station

One belonging to the CIA!!!!

We have had it around for 3 years now

Hey….that is strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

Watch who you tell

We have had a number of people

Heading this station

Like Robert, Steven, Valerie, BB,

That is mostly based in Berlin, Germany

Berlin Station Season 1 Episode 109: Thomas Shaw

On many occasions, it is based all over Europe and all over the world where the CIA has it’s people

It is always cooperating with other authorities

From all over the place to catch those bad people

And also, to execute the big bosses’ orders!

As usual, you might find some really familiar faces like

Daniel, Hector de Jean, April, Torres, Jason, Hans, Otto Ganz, Kayode, Ambassador Hanes

Well, you will be right to be skeptic around some of them

Not all of them play nice as they might want you to think!

Good for us

They are on foreign soil

And we have somebody watching them keenly

Someone with a very high clearance like that of a Station Chief

That person is Esther Krug


She will deport them all, if she has to!

~ Welcome to the Berlin Station ~