“Wow, it sure looks good from the top!” – ……

For anybody that has had a taste of life at the top can surely testify to that

It is soooo good to be at the top

I mean, you literally have got nothing to worry about

Iss all good!

Well, until IT ISN’T!!!

GOOD GIRLS — “I’d Rather Be Crafting” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Retta as Ruby Hill, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks– (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

My sister recommended this show to me in June

And like always, I was very hesitant

But hey, if you don’t really dig episode 1, chances are so high you won’t dig the rest of the show

Luck was on my side that day and I loved it

How Beth, Ruby and Annie are killing it!

The guys at NBC….

I must give it to you


I mean, look at Blindspot, The Enemy Within and The Blacklist

Who comes with dope shows such as these?

And now this

The Good Girls

3 women

Very close friends, for that matter

With families and lives of their own

Live, struggle and survive through what the patriarchy has created for a world

They are hounded with all these bills, mortgages, work, daily expenses

Life back home is all illusionary

And so much more

You know how it goes, right?

It’s a lot, really!

GOOD GIRLS — “Remix” Episode 110 — Pictured: (l-r) Retta as Ruby Hill, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland — (Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC)


One day

A plan is hatched up to balance the scales

The final plan is to rob a grocery store or what somebody may call, a supermarket

Guess what? This is the same store Annie works at

GOOD GIRLS — “Borderline” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Mae Whitman as Annie, Retta as Ruby Hill — (Photo by: Jace Downs/NBC)

The plan is simple…basically; get in, take the cash and leave

No one needs to play hero or get hurt

We are all just trying to get by in this life that we live

GOOD GIRLS — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Christina Hendrick as Beth, Retta as Ruby, Mae Whitman as Annie — (Photo by: Josh Stringer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Remember when I said that iss all good until it isn’t?


Annie understood that first.

During the robbery, part of her incredibly unique tattoo is exposed to Boomer!

Now, Boomer is the kind of person that you might call a pest

Literally and metaphorically

He will always have an agenda up his ass

There is nothing “for free” when it comes to him

Our 3 girls are SUCCESSFUL!

They manage to get over what they had anticipated

Like a lot….

I bet you will like the look on their faces when Rio and his boys come to collect what’s theirs

So, yeah…the cat-and-mouse games begin on with Federal Agent Jimmy and his colleagues at the FBI

Something serious keeps coming up

Right after one has been dealt with

If there are lessons to learn from this lovely show

They are that nothing is ever what it seems to be…we never have the true story

Secondly, once you got something to lose, you will do anything to protect what’s important to you

Thirdly, we must never be so hard on ourselves or other people…that doesn’t mean that we have to lower the bar so low

Fourth, a lot goes on that we never get to know…the pains, joys, suffering

Also, any person is capable of the worst in them

We have to question everything that has been sold to us as good and bad!


I truly look forward to watching season 2 and more seasons of the Good Girls!