Irony in life

Is Shades Of Blue, itself!!!

The same people that swear an oath to protect and serve us

Are constantly doing contrary

Till you find out why….like this entire unit did!

You wonder….who can help us then?

Blue, in many countries

Is a colour worn by cops like in the 64th Precinct, Street Crimes Division

And in here, it’s worn by the FBI’s Anti-Corruption Task Force

The same group of dirt-bags that has a former detective with the NYPD, Harlee Santos in it!

SHADES OF BLUE — “Take Thy Cup” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Gino Pesi as Nava, Jennifer Lopez as Harlee — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

You may be surprised by the connection between Harlee, her unit commander, Lt. Matt Wozniak and her daughter, Cristina

Wozniak loves these 2 like they are his own flesh

I rarely see that in cop-circles or army-circles

I don’t know about you

The rest of the dirty-cop unit has Detective Tess Nazario

Who later on, gets assigned patrol duty for something that didn’t sit well with Lt. Donnie Pomp, from Internal Affairs

There is also Detective Michael Loman

A rookie, judging by the experience his colleagues on the unit, have

Detective Marcus Tufo is another one you’ll meet along the way

He was the most interesting one of them all, to me

Detective Carlos Espada….I will let you be the judge in what you think about him

SHADES OF BLUE — “The Blue Wall” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Jennifer Lopez as Harlee Santos, Vincent Laresca as Carlos Espada — (Photo by: Scott Gries/NBC)

Not forgetting, Detective David Saperstein, who rolls with them for a while till Wozniak feels he is the mole and kills him, ignoring the real-mole at hand, who will have known by then!!!

Personally speaking, the very amusing parts came in

When the NYPD’s Intelliegence Unit comes knocking on their door

Sending them in a spiral

They panic

And then, that is when the FBI picks up the trail they leave behind

You will see agents like Robert Stahl and Molly Chen

Those two are led by Special Agent In-Charge, Gail Baker, don’t forget that!

In there, you will also the FBI chasing after its own

Led by Special Agent Katie Myers going after Stahl, who is now sssoooo “off-the-tangent”

SHADES OF BLUE — “Straight Through the Heart” Episode 307 — Pictured: Afton Williamson as S.A. Katie Myers — (Photo by: Michele Short/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Along the way, former and current associates of Wozniak will also turn up

To collect what is rightfully theirs

Like the Ortiz family and Councilwoman Julia Ayres!!!!

SHADES OF BLUE — “The Blue Wall” Episode 305 — Pictured: Victor Turpin as Enrique Ortiz, Jennifer Lopez as Harlee Santos — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

So many people…so many shades!