First of all, are these 2 the same?

When I say piano and keyboards, do I mean the same thing?

Do they serve the same purpose?

Can one directly substitute the other?

I am told that they both have white and black pieces of plastic that you press down using your fingers

And when you do, particular distinct sounds come from that action of pressing them down.

Is that true, pianists and keyboardists?

Oh wait…I am told that the people who play the keyboard are called “organists”?

Is that correct?

Gosh…I love the soft singular sounds that come out from these keys

My mind always runs miles away from where I am…to a state of calm, relaxation, good solitude

I don’t honestly think there is anything like it, anywhere in the world!

Not even the guitar comes close to it, for me!

Also, I was told that these 2 musical instruments speak volumes of the class you belong to.

Is that true?

Which classes are we even talking about here?

Somebody please teach me how to play the piano

Or keyboard….I don’t really care which goes first or where.

I simply want to learn!

Besides, I am told that a brain that learns to play at least 1 musical instrument is at a better position of enjoying any content to do with numbers….like Mathematics, Physics and the like.

Is that true?

I told you about my time with anxiety, right?

For some reason, I strongly believe that playing either of these will “cool me down” when the attacks come.

I guess we will see about that, won’t we?

I also want to learn about music

How it all truly works….the harmony, the lyrics, the soul of it all….everything about it.

All my life, I have done one thing and that is, to enjoy the music

But I have never fully learned how it’s made.

I want to learn….perhaps this can be a good start, don’t you think?

~ Alright….hit it! ~


Ps. Elephants have a right to live with their tusks. Don’t kill them for ‘dem ivory!!!!