Walking up to your school, you meet this group of young people that are sharing bhang
You keep walking forward as you cast an eye unto them and suddenly, one of them springs up to you, in exclamation, “what are you looking at, fool”?
The rest of the gang is sizing up their fists to break off the beating

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What do you choose to do, taking it that you’re in the current state you’re in, at the moment, as you are reading this?

Do you take your flight away?
Or do you fold your fists, too and punch away?
I mean…it’s just understandable….the adrenaline is running through your system and all you’re thinking about is how I wish I could smash the hell outta these bastards!

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Somebody else might not be feeling that way
And all they are thinking about is, how do I calm down this situation?
Using any means necessary, possible but without having to spill blood or spit out some teeth
That could mean talking about it….that could be with anybody (familiar and stranger-alike)
Or just being there, quietly with the person that’s seeking to defend themselves…..
You do know that simply sitting there with somebody and saying nothing, looking at each other, sends a much stronger message across than the actual talking

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Back where am from, in Buganda, there’s a famous saying that goes asilisse teyejjussa
Try it some time

Many a time, majority of us are in so much pain that we don’t even know it
We live in it, we hide in it, we are so used to it…it’s a lifestyle that we’ve come to know
Little do we know and notice that we are hurting and destroying every good thing that there is, left of us
Our bodies have gotten accustomed to the pain
We’ve built our small fences for protection and to hold it all in

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One kweshan….how has this worked out for you?
You might say that it has worked for some days but I wonder how long it will last you!
Without causing any more disruption and problems
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Is your voice being listened to?
Are you even being heard?
Have you made an effort to speak with anyone?
Have you made an effort to speak to anyone about it?

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No worries if nobody is paying you any attention yet…
For it takes a brick at a time to erect an entire mansion, right?
Start small….every small action of kindness matters greatly
It could be a hug, holding a hand, a hi5, carrying me a cup of coffee (hihi…), hearing me speak up, and offering your seat for an injured person…..

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Its time you knot the fences than tear them down, don’t you agree?