It’s said that the arts carry a very deep message
No matter what you see, have seen, heard or what you’ve heard, so far
And so, to give you some background, there’s this movie that I watched just this week
Called We are your friends (2015)
I had wanted to watch this movie for a long while now having watched it’s trailer on YouTube and I fell in love with it immediately
And yeah, I gathered up the courage to download it and give it audience
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I must admit, it was actually way better than I thought it would be
Am not sure whether it was Zac Efron that killed it, in totality or his bunch of friends, Squirrel most especially with that pack of magical quotes that has stuck with me since
If you ask me what I expected from the movie, it was that I expected to see some deejaying from some familiar faces, betrayal amongst this collective of friends, the scenery of New York  but not Zac…. husshhiisshhhh, I was all wrong!
Boy kept on switching up the gain and the treble to make that adorable sound from the laptop and his headphones sound even so much better….
Or wait….was it because this set was already created out by Segal? This guy is like one of my best legends ever! He’s my other DJ Snake….yeah, Segal is that good!
"We Are Your Friends" Tour Stop Photo Call And After Party
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The original form of Squirrel’s quote was, “Are we ever gonna be better than this”?
I made the choice to reflect on it, as Edgar
It made more sense to me, that way, at least
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Having watched the movie for the past one hour and five minutes of it,
I could see many of my old days
Not literally, though….we didn’t get to that level of the “high-life always and first” but we were crazy enough, as it was!
We had our ways of “always being those guys”
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We saw the world in our own way
Filled with lots of merry-making, money, rubbing shoulders with the big-wigs
All that and more, in just our dreams
Problem was, we all kept it there….no affirmative action was taken to ever make this dream, a solid reality
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I guess I got my chance in 2015, when I beginning on my “second shot at life
It was then that I had to make a decision on whether I could actually amount up to something good, over the years or just remain the olden me that only saw things fly past me in the papers
By then, I had quit my drug-(ab)use habits and had successfully been enrolled into one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Makerere University
I even signed up as a volunteer at an institution I call my home…yyyeeaaahhhhh, I was that focused and determined to be better than I was!
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In a few months, I had managed to turn my life around, had made new friends in the process, who I realized were better than those I had been exposed to over the years
And was on my way to creating the world that I so much desired to live in, all my life
This experience of mine takes me back to the movie
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These friends, perhaps if they had known better, would be so far away chasing after their dreams
They stood a chance of making better life-choices, away from the high-life that they knew
Zac would have become a super-phenomenal DJ that he always to be
Funny it is that Squirrel posed the same question to Zac and all he did was shrug his shoulders
To which Squirrel honestly admitted that these guys have always been this way
Only if, they could ask themselves if they were capable of more quality stuff
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Guess what!!! After Squirrel had died from binge-drinking that they all taken stage in, Zac managed to reflect upon that moment, when he took to the stage.
He recalled that question Squirrel put to him, are we ever gonna be better than this?
And made this moment his!
Dude was amazing…. He wowed the entire crowd!
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Ask yourself that and get to it then.
Let’s see what happens from there, eehhh!
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I’d love to hear from you, on it.