Those very few yards or inches
So intimate that you don’t want anyone uninvited to step “into them”
So sacred that you find yourself tight-marking them with your gait, facial expressions and eyes
So you that only a select few can be let in at arms-length, depending on the occasion, whether it calls for it, whether you both deem it okay and fine

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I call that personal space

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And issa space everybody has, by virtue of being human and alive
Perhaps, you’ve never looked really closely at it
The best way to illustrate such a space as this, I guess, is when you’re in close proximity with other people, known to you and otherwise…says at a social gathering and then, you notice there’s this small group of people chatting away in one given corner and another in a tiny circle giggling and hugging away and so on
Then, there’s you, standing by yourself in one place

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Aaaannnhhhhaaaa….are you getting the picture now, aren’t ya?

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Truth is, this space is no more 2 metres!
Yeah, that’s how tight it is
Shows you just how much work you gotta put in to break through without a sweat
That is, keeping all factors constant and stable

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Unlearn the opportunism
Which “tells you” to force your way into my space or our space
If you aren’t invited in “this space”, don’t go in
Put some respek on those metres and I’ll stay in my lane!

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Got it?