Are you in the world of non-profit and community work + organizing?

You have probably heard or not, of a lady named “Scott Mackenzie”, right?


Photo credit: The New York Times


It is said that as of January 2024, she has a net worth of 40 billion US Dollars!

For one reason, she is giving away this money to numerous institutions all over the world that are doing life-changing work….and most of all, without the usual strings attached!


Photo credit: Axios


The usual drill of applying for this funding, creating separate accounts and personnel to monitor these funds…all that is gone, in her model!

The girl is generously giving away – in 2020, she gave away close to 6 billion dollars, she gave away 3 billion dollars in 2021 and by close of 2022, she had given away close to 15 billion dollars to over 1,500 non-governmental organisations world-over!


Photo credit: The Daily Beast


Imagine struggling to raise money to keep the lights and sockets powered, for so long…

Only to wake up one day and you’ve received a gift worth 400 million US Dollars from this woman you’ve never met before!


Photo credit: Luxurylaunches


Yes, Scott Mackenzie is that person.

She is determined to give away all this money tied under her name, throughout her lifetime….just like that lady in “Loot”!

Careful where all this money comes from; it has it’s roots deep in the world-famous “Amazon”!