If I am to recall to the best of the knowledge,

2002 was the year I started supporting Brazil by name and heart in the world of football.

I started with the men’s senior team and worked my way all the way, to what can be called the women’s team then.

Hell, I did not even know that they were nicknamed, “The Selecao”!


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The senior men’s FIFA World Cup was held in Korea that year and we had a number of really good players.

Cafu, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Dida and the dribbling wizard, Denilson captured my very young attention span, then.

How can I forget what Ronaldinho did to England, that day? (hihi)


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I wonder where some of these players went to, after this tournament.

Of course, there are some that I followed closely since they went to another football club I support a lot…to be more specific that is Gilberto Silva who transferred to Arsenal immediately after the triumphant win of the 2002 World Cup.

Hhhmmm…that will be a story for another day.


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My first time fully recognizing the women’s team was in 2014.

(2014 was a very memorable year for the Selecao…I will explain in the next paragraph).

I wonder what took me so long and I just cannot find an appropriate reason.


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The Selecao women were here for much longer than I had even known…to be exact since the 22nd of July, 1986 when they played their first official match against the United States where they lost 2-1.

Formiga, Marta, Cristiane, Francielle, Sissi, Rosana are some of the household names.


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In 2014, Germany did something to the men’s senior team that should never have happened, on our home turf!

They thrashed us 7 goals to 1 in the semi-finals, on our home ground.

I don’t even want to mention how many records that score line created that day.

We really thought we were going to the finals but Toni Kroos and his friends had different plans for us.


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Allow me end here for now, with The Selecao.

We will catch up later!