First off, I congratulate you, The Stars and Stripes

You honestly were ready!!!!

Every single game you played starting with the very famous 13-0 hammering of Chaba Kaew!

All the way to the final where you persisted on against the Leeuwinnen

Great job!

If you must know, these wonderful ladies were defending their title

That they won back in 2015 in Vancouver!

Personally, I loved this World Cup much more than the men’s World Cup

Because I felt that there was so much more growth from what we have heard

And also, you ladies played with so much more passion than the men

Truthfully!!! This goes to all the players and countries….

You made my June and July worth the time and wait

The two nations that I supported lost out…one at the group-level

That is, the Reggae Girlzand the “Leeuwinnen” at the very end or final

The Reggae Girlz was at the World Cup, FOR THEIR VERY FIRST TIME!

The ladies in Orange were at their SECOND WORLD CUP!

Can you believe it?

If there is anything that this World Cup did,

It was to open up my eyes to the inequality and discrimination that exists in sports

Just imagine what many of the women, we got to watch play the tournament, go through in their home countries

For speaking out against this bad treatment or wanting to advance their careers in football

By that, I am speaking about what women and girls go through in Iran, what players in Argentina go through to get playing time on the field, what the winners of the women’s World Cup get to win as prize money, the advertising done for the women’s World Cup, the “mix-ups” in match-day schedules all over the world made by FIFA, blunt ant refusal to fund national women’s teams by their federations, the women who were deliberately dropped from the teams and doubted because of their identities, criticizing of players’ celebrations on the fields, for those that get paid….the huge pay gap, the intentional minimal involvement of women in football’s governing bodies, sexual harassment, patriarchy and it’s cousins….so infuriating!

I learned too….about how people like Cedella Marley are working to improve the game  do what FIFA is shamelessly supposed to be doing

And how so many parents of the players came to watch their girls play

Also, how some players were left heartbroken having gotten injuries that would have them miss out on the World Cup

And how so many more people today are watching the women’s World Cup than they ever did in the past.

Just look at some of these goals….LOOK!!!!

My best game over all was the one of The Yanks against La Albiceleste

That wonder strike….how did she even do that?

The celebrations and “arrogance” by team USA!

Actual sportswoman ship and less misguided adrenaline….

The much-awaited meetings between rivals

The surprises and upsets that I didn’t expect

RENNES, FRANCE – JUNE 29: Sweden players celebrate victory after the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Quarter Final match between Germany and Sweden at Roazhon Park on June 29, 2019 in Rennes, France. (Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

The respective forms of protest witnessed from the players and playing nations….about everything beginning with the use of the VAR aka Video Assistant Referee to the regulations set out for the tournament!

The “Orange Heart” made by the Leeuwinnen

The tactical arrangements and strategies made

The outrage at racism displayed by some of the officials at the World Cup

The number of cards dished out at the World Cup

The first-ever FIFA Football Conference aimed at analysing the World Cup

More professionalism in women’s football leagues all over the world

This edition of the World Cup is the 8th in history

The stories of match officials serving their nations elsewhere

Being better and bigger….