Disclaimer: 1. Get ready for some serious action on this one!

  1. And magic, too!

I know….you will see so many familiar faces

Like Kathryn Winnick from shows like Vikings and Bones

The main character of this whole show, Kai Jinfrom works like Mile 22and Triple Threat

His boss, Jenny Wah at the restaurant where Kai works. Remember her from Quanticoand Blindspot?

His stunt-double, Mark Dacascos you can’t tell me you can forget such a face, you know? Cradle 2 The Graveand John Wick Chapter 3- The Parabellum

The “top most crime boss” in China Town, “Uncle Sixfrom works like “Arrowand “The Man With the Iron Fists

His head of security, Zan! She’s such bad-ass, both in the movies and real life, just like Kathryn. Remember her from Crouching Tiger?

The one crime-lord that keeps on ageing like fine wine, Alec McCullough

For some reason, this guy just doesn’t die, grow older or younger! There is a curse out on him.

Kathryn’s main partner in crime and love interest, Lu Xin is also here! Oh wait, where have I seen him before? Iron Fistand Into The Badlands perhaps.

I mean, there is just so many of them! Check that out….I had almost forgotten Tommy Wah, Jenny’s brother!

I am sure you know them all!

Wu Assassins Season 1

Well, Wu Assassins was introduced to us by Netflix

In 2019

And immediately, it struck a nerve in me.

I guess it’s because there is fewer shows nowadays with such a story.

The whole story-line of having somebody become an assassin, best-of-the-best

To protect what is left of their mighty kingdom, both here on earth and outta earth

From evil forces (Uncle Six) and (McCullough) that seem to be drawing closer to destroying what is left of the universe with their evil powers!

I want you to imagine what happens in there….

Lots of martial arts, the police and feds

Crime bosses and the mafia, magic


Don’t do anything crazy, though!

This is stuff you don’t want to try at home, on the streets, school or at work

Leave whatever fascinating thing you see here, to the professionals!

All good now!

Now that you have been briefed, go slay some evil into the ground!


~ WU ~