Don’t just  sit  there and  watch yo family get wiped out  because  covid. Are you this close to running  mad ? Yes  I know iam not with the  21day or 14 day lockdown extension lurking around. Too much tension between married couples monotony is taking it’s toll on them I bet if you gave them a quiz on how there partner’s look they will ace them. We had  gotten so accustomed to having plot  so many avenues to vent the frustration  of daily hustle right now the frustration  of the never seeming to end lockdown  feels like your trapped in a box ..the good news is your not alone the bad news which  I think is good but people don’t wanna here it is that you got to work through  this period face your fears rather than vent them  out on your partner.voilence never solved nothing .

Those who were in active relationship the tunnel seems like it’s darker..hope seems like is far away the craving to be with your partner  to touch them ok atleast hold their hard all these have been robbed away for us. Its really sad though that we get to understand  the value of things like touch it only just takes a hug to make someones day either on a high or has died.let me explain the dying part . Hmm so you see it was  first 14day then 21day

Should I be mad at covid ? I will not give  you  the satisfaction  by lamenting or crying about the tight fix you have put us in am gona face you hold you by those bu antennas  of yours show whose boss am gona wash my hands sanitize  them,wear a mask and even do the dreadful stay at home..huh… the future  looks is bright.

My heart goes to the finalist s.6 s.4 words can express your  pain..i once felt  the not of completing …they way u can be excited that you are finishing it’s my last year and there is now a threat  of  another year trust me i would also be temporarily paralysed.

Are you this close to running  mad ..hey don’t worry your  not alone iam am also on that train.. what  is keeping my family from going mad is going old school playing  kwepena btw if you didn’t know kwepena has types 7 stones, rounda 1 and 2..skipping we go back to those bu songs blue and abye bye zero… the  famous  wampologoma I recently  even learnt embalabassi.. those who skipped rope in our times wud get me. Children  go  outside and play invent a new game…

Huh parents .I know how relaxed you  felt when atleast  your children had access  to friends and cud go play football  or go to church choir practice  atleast someone someplace was mentoring tourchild now they are stuck with you  Tv can be a tempting way out


This is an entry authored by Muzaki  Grace Elizabeth