Do you love the economics that you see today?

That you learned and crammed a while back?

The same economics that has all these illustrations and explanations about how “money” gets tossed around

The same economics that was probably taught to you, in school?

Do you love these economics that never pass on a moment to talk about the “opportunity cost” and “alternative….”?

Yeah….those economics that “pit” us against “each other” in the name of “cut-throating”?

The same economics that places the “political economy” over every other economy out there!

Do you ever get to question how this economics came about?

I, for one, do!

I was doing some reading here and it said that economics is “a branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management”.

Hhhhaaaaa….I thought social science was better than this….never mind me.

In my mind, I thought that for this “branch” of social science to work properly,

The human beings involved at every stage of it have to be accounted for

And catered for, as well.

Of late, I don’t believe the human beings are even seen in this science!

It feels like everybody is in for themselves.

Take a good look at the production…..where we come up with all these ideas into actual goods and services.

Do we ever get to know what goes inside there?

The goods and services we enjoy never come with writings on them sharing how “all this came to be”, do they?

Hhhmmmm….I am forced to wonder… “if I am to take this good and service, am I risking the life of another human being in the process?”

The story doesn’t change much for distribution, as well.

As we speak right now, do you know that there is somebody out there that is not allowed to have a toilet-break on the job?

Do you honestly believe this person is enjoying these economics?

I don’t think so!!!

Now, look at our consumption….more specifically, the quality of what we are consuming.

I don’t know how things were in the past but as of today and now, everyone is in a rush for having the most and not just enough for what they need.

Sadly, even the quantity we are in a rush for comes with a lot of sub-standards in it.

We wouldn’t be accepting it but hey, here we are with our economics, right?

Don’t even get me started on how irresponsible and careless we have become as we consume all these products and services!

Do you have any suggestions on how we can change this?

I do have one….let’s change the name of these economics to “ECONOMPATHY”…combining the word “economics” since we wont easily be dropping it, I know with “empathy” since we all can use more of it, yeah?

What do you think?