Are you seeing someone that’s doing well, with their lives, trying to do some good here and there?
Somebody that was previously seen as a waste
Somebody that everyone was warned about on the village
Somebody who was scolded at, all the time, by even the flies themselves
Somebody that has beaten their own imagination of how far they could have come with their life
You ought to remind this person that, “you’ve got a good thing going there”!

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Do you know of anyone that you went to school with?
That has managed to beat the ceiling top as far as the world of academia is concerned
Somebody that has shocked everyone at not being the best at academic excellence but life excellence
Somebody that has chosen to remain fully focused on achieving that mighty red hat of the Doctors
Somebody that has often in time demonstrated leadership in the classroom, like never seen before
You ought to remind this person that, “you’ve got a good thing going there”!

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Is there somebody that has stuck with you, through thick times and thin ones, as well?
Somebody you promised the moon and the stars
Somebody that has sacrificed everything to be with you
Somebody that didn’t consider the material things in your name but rather, looked at the emotional vulnerable you and fell in love with that you
Somebody that gives you that smile that you just can’t get enough of, even after 50 years of being together with them
You ought to remind them that, “you’ve got a good thing going there”!

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Do you have that employee that you began out with, so many years ago?
They cleaned the floor for you, literally, as you went about town chasing down on every lead for that much needed breakthrough that got you where you are now
That person that kept all the company info so confidential as though their immediate life was on the line for it
That person that made you believe in your capabilities to serve and lead others, as well
That person that you just can’t fire, for some reason
You’ve literally fired everyone else who joined after you had the big breakthrough but this person has stuck around, happy and contented with what they have
You ought to remind this person that, “you’ve got a good thing going there”!

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That one friend that has stood the tests of time and habit
This one person reminds you of a better tomorrow, even when the entire world seems to be going down
That one person who makes you feel like family is truly over-rated
That person that you can boldly tell to shut their fly before a thousand pairs of eyes looking at you
That person you can gladly talk anything through with, without having to feel ashamed
That friend who always creates time for you, even when you tell yourself that you are too busy for yourself

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You ought to remind this person that, “you love them so much and nothing can ever change that”!